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10 Things You Can Do with Clipart

Melissa Bastow

We have a lot of digital clipart in our shop!  A LOT.  And we're constantly adding more.  We also have digital paper packs, SVG cuttable files, planner printables, and other really fun digital stuff.  But this post is going to focus completely on the CLIPART, and what you can do with it.

1. Party Printables.  If you're a lover of party themes, then clipart is the way to go.  Because when you create, print, and utilize coordinating printables it really makes the theme of the party shine!  And a pack of clipart can stretch a long way, from cupcake wrappers to banners to tags and labels - EVERYTHING can match.  It's so much fun!


2. Cards and Invitations.  While we're on the topic of themed parties, who doesn't love a custom party invitation?  Or how about matching thank you cards?  Clipart certainly comes in handy with these!  Create one of a kind cards and invitations with a layout that is all you.  And add clipart to stay on theme, decorate, and make things so much cuter!


3. Planner Goodies.  You can use clipart to make stickers, bookmarks, printable sheets, or to do lists.  Sometimes every day tasks can be pretty mundane, but if you use clipart to spruce up your planning and doing, the extra bit of cute will help make things just a tiny bit more exciting (although I doubt any amount of clipart will make catching up on the laundry a fun task...)


4. Learning Fun.  Whether you homeschool, teach in a classroom, or sometimes just want to make your kids focus a little bit more on a school subject, clipart is here to help you out.  Because no kid wants to do school worksheets or projects unless it includes cute pictures.  I was in college and drew my own cute pictures on everything because it just made learning that much more fun.


5. Cookies!  This is a skill I particularly don't have, but there are some AMAZING cookie makers out there.  And they can benefit from clipart too.  Somehow they can take a clipart image and transfer it to a cookie in perfect delicious cuteness!  One of my favorite cookie artists is Four Peas and a Dog - her work is perfection.


6. Scrapbooking.  You could be a hard core scrapper, or just someone who wants to throw a little whimsy on a photo - clipart can help with both!  You can print an images to put on physical pages, or use the digital version (pair it with our paper packs) and include it in your next photo book, album, or calendar!


7. Room Decor.  Our clipart may not necessarily be suited for an adult's bedroom, but if you're decorating a nursery or kid's room it's perfect!  You can decorate according to a room-wide theme, or just hang new art every time your child finds a new obsession (so about every 3 days).  It will be sure to brighten up their room!


8. Gift Tags.  Sometimes it's fun to have a unique tag to go with a special gift.  And what could be more fun than a clipart image?  Just print the image on white cardstock and cut around it.  Write the to and from information on the back and viola, easy, fun, and no one else will have a tag like yours!  (I did this at Christmas time with multiple clipart images, which was great, since I had already run out of regular gift tags.) 



9. Logos and Websites.  Your business and website deserve to be shown off!  And sometimes to do that you need just a little something extra.  Clipart can come in handy as a small part of your logo, or header, or even part of your blog posts!  CRAZY, right?  They also spruce up newsletters, flyers, and other stuff.  We use clipart all over the place...maybe because we sell clipart, BUT STILL.


10. Coloring Pages.  Kids love to color, adults love to color, some elephants like to color (I saw that on a cartoon once).  Coloring is relaxing, fills time in lessons or quiet time at home, and you get display your amazing work on the fridge when you're done!  There's really nothing to NOT like about coloring.  And black and white clipart is perfect for creating hours and hours of coloring fun!


So now that you've seen some of our ideas on how to use clipart, what are some of your favorite ways to use it?

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