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Other Clipart

This section is for clipart sets that don't really fall into our other categories.  But don't write it off - it's equally as awesome as the rest.  Just more diverse.  Digital Clipart is awesome for: Scrapbooking, Card Design, Party Invitations, Printable Stickers, Paper Crafts, Personal Web Design, Small Commercial Products, Teaching Supplies and Worksheets, and SO much more!   Feel free to use this clipart for all your personal projects (but please don't share the files).  If you'd like to use our clip art for your small business, we ask that you credit the art with a link to our shop.  If you'll be mass producing anything (selling more than 500 of any one product), shoot us an email and let's work out a commercial deal.  At this time there is no embroidery/applique digitizing on any of our art. 

If you have any questions, please read our Terms of Use before purchasing.
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