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Printable Easter Egg Banner

Melissa Bastow

This is probably the easiest Easter banner DIY you could ever do!  Which is awesome, because who really wants to take forever making an Easter banner when you could whip one up in just a few minutes?

First grab the free Easter Egg Banner Printable file.  

Then print all the pages on cardstock and cut out the eggs (print as many pages as you want, so you can repeat colors and patterns).  

You can punch a hole in the tops of the eggs and run ribbon through them.  Or if your kids hide your hole punch, and you search everywhere you could possibly imagine they would put it, and you still never find it (which is what I just had the pleasure of doing), you could thread a piece of string on a yarn needle and pull it through the eggs.

See, super easy.  And look how cute it turned out!

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