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Valentine Photo Card DIY

Melissa Bastow

Tags tutorials

Handing out generic cartoon Valentines is SO BORING.  Really.  So we made these.

First I took a picture of my kids holding their arm up, pretending to hold something in their fist.  (Make sure that their fist isn't pointed in some weird direction, because, um, it would look bad.)  I also added little Valentine sayings and names to the pictures with my photo editing software.

There are really cheap places to print photos, like Snapfish, Winkflash, Picaboo, ect. but if you're a procrastinator like me, you'll need these cheap AND fast.  So I suggest Costco or Walmart one hour photo service (you can upload them from home, and pick them up that day).

After you have your pictures printed, take an Exacto knife and make little slices in the picture on the top of your kid's fist and the bottom.  Try to get these exact, because it looks better that way.

Then insert a lollipop of your choice and have your kids take the finished Valentines to school where everyone will be jealous since they only have little generic paper things to hand out.

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