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Santa's Workshop Free Printable and Tutorial

Melissa Bastow

Are your kids out of school yet?  Today is the last day for my kids until January, so we need THINGS TO DO.

I made this little playset with the intention of the kids helping me put them together.  Except then I got all crazy obsessive about it and did it all myself so that they would look better.  (But I'm not really that crazy, because my kids are super lazy cutters, and when I say, "cut on the lines" they hand me hacked up pieces and are like, "I'm done!" and I'm like, "uuuuh, it's missing half of it's head," and then they just shrug like it's no big deal.)

ANYWAYS, here's how to make your very own Santa's Workshop Playset Characters.

First you need to download and print the parts:

click to download

And then you need to sort-of-ish cut them out, but not really. Like this:

And then you need to cover everything with clear contact paper.  Or you can laminate them, but it's cheaper to use clear contact paper.  (And make sure you cover the fronts and the backs.)

Now you're going to cut them out for realsies.  Except keep the different parts in organized piles, because what if you get confused and attach the wrong legs to the wrong bodies and you end up with elves that have reindeer legs?  That would be bad.

Next you need to attach the pieces with little mini-brads.  At first I just tried to shove the brads through with nothing but brute force.  And even though I have the strength of ten men, it was a huge pain in the butt to get those brads through without bending the paper and stuff.  So then I also used my intellect of twenty men and realized that if I shoved a fat needle through all the little x's first, then the brads would just go right through easy-peasy-like.

See those holes from my needle?  And see how my Christmas tree lights make that picture look all magical?  That's neat-o.

Attach all the limbs to the bodies.  The arms go on TOP of the bodies, but the legs go UNDER.  And when you're doing the reindeer, put one leg on top and one leg on bottom and get the brad through all 3 layers.

Once you have all your limbs attached you are FINISHED.  And you can let your kids play with these like crazy because the clear contact paper will protect them from harm, just like magic elf dust would.

And, if anyone is interested in cutting out even more little limbs, there is a matching Nativity Playset at Green Jello with Carrots.

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