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Free Bedtime Routine Printable

Melissa Bastow

Every evening I say "go get ready for bed" and the next thing I know my children turn into pajama clad lunatics whose sole purpose is to jump off every surface in the house while screaming.  And then when I say, "have you brushed your teeth?" they look at me like I have 4 heads.  And when I say, "why aren't you reading?" they say, "I didn't know we were supposed to".  It's like you would never know that my children get ready for bed EVERY DAY.

So I made these bedtime routine printables.  And I'm going to glue them to a posterboard so that they're in order.  And then I'm going to hang them somewhere glaringly obvious.  So that next time I say "go get ready for bed" there's no questioning what I mean.

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