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Organization Homework Posters

Melissa Bastow

I'm trying to teach my kids to be more responsible and organized, which has been a really huge struggle, because they are MY kids and we all seem to have immense aversions to all things responsible and organized.  But still, we can try.

So, over the weekend, I made my kids these posters, because I'm tired of their homework and other school papers floating around the house.

Basically they're couple of regular posterboards, some cheap file folders, 2 corkboard panels, some chalkboard paint, printed labels, and a whole lot of tape.

I included the corkboard because they're always bringing notes home.  The "other projects" folder is for art they're making at home.  And the chalkboard paint is so that I could write a list of chores, and have the days of the week where they could check off their finished tasks - then we can erase it and start again next week.  And I pretty much just taped everything good and proper so that nothing will fall off (yay for packing tape).

I got a little sloppy once I hit the chalkboard paint stage, so here's a diagram to help you see what exactly I placed where:

And now I just need to get them to USE the posters - which is where the real battle is looming.

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