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Things of Pinterest: Sock Animals

Melissa Bastow

I've made things out of socks before, like elephants and cats and pigs and stuff.  And now you all know how to make a beanbag sock octopus, but what other sock animals are out there?  This is what Pinterest had to show me about it:
This is a sock bunny rattle.  And it has a little jingle bell in it.  And it has no buttons or anything so your baby can suck on it all they want and not even choke to death.
This horse is so little and cute I just want to squish it!  A sock animal made out of baby socks - a good idea for those mostest adorablest baby socks you just can't  let go.
These came from an etsy shop that has lots and lots of really creative sock animals.  They are awesome.  And a half.  One full and a half of awesome.  (My favorite is the long nose one.
The sock elephant I made didn't look anything like this.  This is like the deep thinkers of cute elephants.  I made mine out of a fuzzy sock, and it didn't look like it used it's brain much.
How brilliant are sock tails?!  My kids would go crazy over these since they already pretend to be animals 80% of the day.

There are lots of sock animal tutorials out there plus lots of finished animals for sale.  Sock animals are the coolest because.  When I was a kid I had a doll made out of a sweat sock that I named Charlie.  His yellow yarn hair fell off, so I safety pinned it back to his head.  And then one summer my mom sold him in a yard sale for ten cents.  It was pretty devastating.

What about you, did you have a sock animal as a kid?

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