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Things of Pinterest: the Pillowcase Dress

When I was a kid my mom made sure I knew how to sew.  I was actually pretty good at it, but it's a skill that sits dormant in my life for lots of reasons.  Yet every once in awhile I feel a sewing itch - kind of like when you're wearing a wool sweater and you just have to rip it off and run through a raspberry patch naked to satisfy the tremendous need to scratch.  Except maybe not quite so dramatic.

Lately I don't have time to sew anything major, so I decided that it would be fun to make a pillowcase dress out of an actual pillowcase - it's some seriously easy and fast sewing, plus I'd never made one before.  But I wanted to get creative with it, so I scoured Pinterest for ideas.  These are my favorites:
This double layered pillowcase dress is awesome - the bottom layer is silky.  And I totally love the colors and style.
I hadn't thought of adding a belt to a pillowcase dress before, but holy moly - EASY.  And look how cute it is.
These nightgowns are kind of like cheating because they're not actually made out of pillowcases.  But I love them anyway because they use the same concepts and would be perfect for my 9 year old (or me).  And they look majorly comfy, right?
Pillowcase dresses with sleeves!  These would make great nightgowns or lightweight summer dresses.  And the top left one?  I LOVE IT.

And now, if anyone needs to find me, I'll be searching all the second hand stores in the state looking for perfect pillowcases to use!

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