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Creepy Crawly Cookie Fail

Melissa Bastow

Tags snacks
Have you seen the cookies that some people have made that look like fossils?  They're super cute, and the concept seemed pretty easy, so I wanted to make some of our own.

Except that I was also feeling very lazy.

So I went to the grocery store and bought some premade, preformed sugar cookie dough.  And then I rounded up all of our creepy crawly plastic toys (bugs, frogs, dinosaurs, whatever) and washed them.

Then, seeing as I was feeling very VERY lazy, I put ALL the cookies on one cookie sheet.  Because baking two pans of cookies was just too much effort.  (quit judging, I spent my extra time letting my kids bury me in stuffed animals while I napped, so it was total quality time.)

Then I let my little monkey help me squish our plastic creepy crawly toys into the tops of the cookies.  And yes, he has a tattoo on his face.  And his arm.  We were feeling patriotic.

Things were looking SUPER FABULOUS.  Because I thought, "This is so easy!" and also "I'm tired, I think I'll take a nap".

So we baked the cookies.  Would you like to see our awesome end results?  Here you go:


So here are some tips so that you can get it right:
1- Don't be lazy.
2- Make your own dough, something that won't rise and expand so much.
3- Use really small toys to make the impressions (I thought ours were small enough, but it would have been better to get a whole spider impression then just a part, you know?)
4- Don't be lazy.

Miraculously I saved myself from cookie humiliation by making the most delicious cream cheese frosting I've ever made in my life, and we ate the cookies anyway.

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