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Things of Pinterest: Dessert

Melissa Bastow

I'm trying to force myself to be on a diet.  Pretty much, I'm starving.  So what else would pinterest tempt with than super delicious looking desserts?  It's torture, I tell you, TORTURE.
Pina colada cake?  Yes, please.  I think I'm getting fatter just looking at this picture.  You will need to use a translating program to get this recipe in English (unless you can read recipes in Polish, in which case good for you!)
 Dear no bake peanut butter chocolate bars, why oh why can't you be low fat, low calorie, sugar free, and still delicious?  WHY?!
These red velvet crinkle cookies are making me all slobbery.  I'm just going to imagine how good they taste.  It's kind of hard because my imagination is really good at visualizing food and I want them for real.
Caramel apple cream cheese cookie bars - are you kidding me?!  How am I supposed to stick to a diet when recipes like this exist?
Coconut truffles that taste like Almond Joy candybars = I think I might die.  I love coconut desserts.  Ok, fine, I love ALL desserts.  I don't see this diet lasting very long....

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