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The Letter L and the Number Five

Melissa Bastow

We keep missing weeks for our little preschool activities. But......oh well. So this week we're talking about the letter L and the number 5. This is what we're doing:

• We're watching the letter L Storybots video over and over (and then we're going to go around the house singing "la la la la la la...." because the song will undoubtedly get stuck in our heads).

• We're also printing out the letter L coloring and tracing pages from because right now my kids can't get enough of the Storybots, and it's helping them learn their letters so, YAY.

• We are also going to print and play with the letter L file folder game from (and we'll be getting in some numbers while we play because you have to count the lady bug spots to know where to place each bug on the game).


• We are also going to make ladybugs out of paper plates, except that our lady bugs are going to have 5 spots.  I'm getting this idea from

• And lastly, we're going to print this cute butterfly worksheet that has nothing to do with the letter L, but everything to do with the number five.  This worksheet is from

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