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Snacks celebrating the number 100

We took this snack to school on the 100the day of school, but it would be great anytime you want to highlight the number 100 in a yummy and fun way.  Our snacks were: 100 Skittles, 100 green grapes, 100 purple grapes and 100 curly herb breadsticks (recipe found here).

I had the glass containers just hanging around, but I had to make the big box -it's one of those massive goldfish cracker boxes with the top cut off.  I just covered the outside in scrapbook paper.  It was amazingly easy and the kids thought it was fab.

Then I cut out the number 100 on some matching scrapbook paper and taped it to some bamboo skewers to put in the containers of snacks.

I love when snacks are easy and fun and can be passed off as a lesson about numbers.
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