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Faux Eggs and Bacon Snack

This snack is STICKY.  But awesome.  And I sent it to school, so it wasn't like I had to deal with all the messy preschoolers.

For two "fried eggs" melt about 12 marshmallows and 1 tsp. of butter on medium-low heat.  (You can multiple this by however many finished snacks you'll need.)

Pour the melted goo into two globs on some HEAVILY GREASED tin foil (I suggest greasing with butter or butter flavored spray, because it will pick up a little of the flavor).  And smear the globs into egg shapes.

Take a couple of dried apricots, smoosh the centers with your thumb so they look like bubbled yolks and stick them to the centers of your marshmallow globs.

Let them cool before you take them off the tin foil.

(I found this idea here, where it has a few more details, you know, if you like details.)

For the bacon I bought some raspberry flavored fruit roll ups and cut them into bacon shaped strips.  Then, when I placed them on the plates, I made them look wavy, like cooked bacon tends to look.  (I think it would have looked better with thicker fruit leather, but I couldn't find bacon colored fruit leather.)

I wonder if the preschool teacher was mad that I sent highly sugared food glue to class?  Because I think I'm making this one again.
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