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Free Printable Bingo Game about Feelings

Melissa Bastow

When kids are young it's brutally apparent that they have a wide range of emotions.  But sometimes they have a hard time identifying how they're feeling.  (I kind of don't blame them, because sometimes, as an adult, I still have a hard time putting my finger on exactly why I'm feeling a certain way. - that can't just be me....right?  hopefully.)

Play this fun printable bingo game to teach little ones about different feelings.  You can act out the emotions while you play.  Maybe even on purpose.

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  • Muchas gracias por el material. Sirve para enseñar las emociones y a la vez que las reconozcan en ingles!! Muy Bueno


  • Material sobre educación emocional para niños y niñas de 5 años. Gracias, Paola de Chile.


  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful stuff!


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