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Holiday Dotted Pin Hole Art Templates

Melissa Bastow

My kids like to create art, but they get bored with all the same methods, so every Christmas we do pin hole pictures by taking a pushpin and some construction paper and start poking holes.

But today, when I went looking online for new templates, I couldn't find anything super cute.  It's all the same old stuff (I think they're the same templates I used in second grade).  So I came up with some of my own!

You can get this one for free:
Just click THIS LINK to download.  After you've downloaded, print it on colored paper, and use a pushpin to make holes where ever there is a dot.  Then just flip your paper over to see your masterpiece!


You can get the whole set of 9 templates in our shop (it's totally worth it - they're way fun to do, and you can use them at a classroom holiday party too)!

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