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Articulated Skeleton Printable and Tutorial

Melissa Bastow

Possibly you haven't noticed, but we love Halloween around here.  It's just a fun holiday.  And it's lots of fun to decorate for because you can go creepy or you can go cute, or you can do a mix of both and it's totally acceptable, because HALLOWEEN.

Here is a printable project to make your own articulated skeleton with moving parts.  And I will even tell you the very easy step by step instructions so you can DIY your own.

First you'll need the printable.  So here it is - Free Articulated Skeleton Printable.

Then you need to print all the pages on cardstock.  (You'll notice the instructions are also on the printable, so you won't have to come back here if you forget how to do this.)

Cut everything out on the outside edge of the gray border.

Then I suggest covering the pieces in lamination or clear contact paper.  I prefer the contact paper myself.  Mostly because I'm supremely lazy and don't want to have to GO SOMEWHERE to get it laminated.  Plus, I think it might be a little cheaper to go the clear contact paper route, and second only to lazy is my desire to save money.

Next comes probably the trickiest part of the process, and it's not even hard.  At all.  See those little x's?  Those are where you'll want to line up your pieces and insert brads.  (I used buttons, which I think look cooler, but make the skeleton's movements much stiffer.)  Make sure, as you're lining up the pieces that you're overlapping them the right way.  And by "right" I just mean, however you want them to look.

Once you have your parts attached, you are done, my friend.  You can pose your skeleton however you choose and stick him to the wall!  

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