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Easy Pillowcase Tutorial

This is a super easy way to make pillowcases for throw pillows.  You could make a ton of them and then change them out whenever you feel like it!
1- Measure your pillow and cut your fabric.  You'll want is as wide as the pillow (after your seam allowance, which is usually 1/4"). And you'll want it to wrap all the way around the pillow and overlap a good solid 3-5 inches (also after seam allowances).  Then turn and hem the two edges that will be overlapping.  (I serged along the edge, folded it once, and sewed it down.)
2- Using your pillow as a guide, fold your pillow case and pin it in the correct overlap (it needs to be inside out at this point).  Make sure it's overlapping the same amount on both sides.  Pin along both edges for stability.  
3- Sew along both edges.
4- Flip right side out.  Pull out corners.  Iron if desired.
5- Put it on your pillow and you're done!  Unless you want to accent your pillow case with ribbons, or fabric paint, or iron ons, or I don't know....whatever.  It's really up to you!
The coolest thing about these pillowcases is that this is a super simple way to make customized gifts for Christmas.  Decorate them in different ways, and check off everyone on your gift list!
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