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Acorn Baby Doll Printable

Melissa Bastow

baby doll paper doll

Now that it's September I'm allowed to think all I want about colored leaves and yummy spices.  And what better way to pass that on to my kids than to make them a little toy that will remind them that even if it's still 92 degrees outside I'm still considering it autumn.  

This little baby paper doll is so cute - it has an acorn hat, a little acorn to hold, and it can go to sleep in a little fall leaf bed.  Plus, by using little metal brads, you can move it's arms and legs all you want!  Plus it's really easy to make and you can print one for every kid who wants one!

paper doll for fall


To get this free acorn baby paper doll just right click on the image below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.

baby paper doll


I love the little brads that I used on this doll.  If you'd like to get some too, here's where I got them (it is an affiliate link, but I seriously do love them, so it's not like I just want you to click and buy stuff....although you totally these, I mean.) 


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