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Back to School Pencil Banner

Melissa Bastow

back to school pencil banner printable

Prepare your classroom or home for back to school with this cute printable pencil banner!  It comes with all the letters and numbers so you can say whatever you want!  It could say "Welcome Back!" or "3rd Graders are Awesome!"  or "I'm Taking a Nap as Soon as You Guys Head Off to School, YAY!"  

It's easy to get and print this banner.  Just right click on each of the pictures below.  Select print or save for each one so you can get the letters and numbers you need for your message.  Print the pages on white cardstock and cut out the pencils that you'll need.  You can punch a hole in the tops to string them together or choose to hang them in any way you want!

pencil printable banner

alphabet banner with pencils

classroom bulletin board banner printable


And if you want to get your hands on some awesome back to school clipart, you should totally check out our School Clipart Section in the shop!

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