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Christmas Journal and Activity Book for Kids

Melissa Bastow

Christmas coloring book


Here's what you'll get with our new Christmas Journal and Activity Book for Kids - HOURS AND HOURS OF FUN!!!  Need I say more?!  (I mean, I'm going to, but do I really need to?)

This 70 page journal is jam packed with holiday fun, opportunities to be creative, and ways for your child to connect with the entire Christmas season!  Here are just a few examples of what's inside:


Christmas activity book

holiday coloring book

kids Christmas journal


The coloring pages and creative drawing activities are great for little artists. The puzzles are fun and promote problem solving. The writing bits stretch imagination while working on basic language arts skills.  The journal pages help identify moods and help your child connect through a bit of grounding and gratitude.  

Basically this journal and activity book is the perfect way for your child to use their noggins while having fun!

You can get the journal it in 3 different formats:


The digital version of the Christmas Journal is available in our shop - you can print as many as you need and even reprint your child's favorite pages!



Get the paperback version (REGULAR binding) of the Christmas Journal for Kids on Amazon.  These are professionally printed, a good price, and have fast shipping.



Get the spiral bound version of the Christmas Journal from the Book Patch. These are awesome because they are printed professional and will lay flat but shipping takes much longer than Amazon, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Book cover image

Christmas Journa ...

Melissa Bastow


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Get your copy of the Christmas Journal and Activity Book for Kids before it's too late!  They're perfect to enjoy all holiday season!!


Christmas journal for kids

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