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Christmas Thank You Printables

I don't know about you, but online shopping is my best friend.  And this Christmas I purchased probably 98.7% of our gifts sitting at home in my PJs.  And I have five kids, plus multiple siblings, 3 sets of parents, nieces and nephews, neighbors, teachers - you know how it goes!

Not only has the UPS guy been here a LOT, but he's always really cool about it.  As an example, our USPS mail carrier will stand at the bottom of our steps and literally chuck packages onto the porch.  But the UPS guy takes the time to knock on the door, he'll say hi, and he even hides the packages off to the side behind a chair if it has a picture of the product on the box (in case my kids see it before I can grab it).

Needless to say, I really appreciate our UPS guy and he deserved a Christmas treat.  And if you feel the same way, you can grab this free Christmas baggy topper printable and leave some treats on your front porch too.  (It also includes one for the FedEx guy, but I didn't actually leave mine anything - I don't really know him, those guys are always so speedy when they come here.)

To get the free printable just right click on the image below and save or print from the menu:

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