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Cricut Easy Press Snowflake Ornament Tutorial

Melissa Bastow

Here's a tutorial video on how to make a wooden ornament with a Cricut Easy Press Mini and some opaque heat transfer paper!  The video even includes ALL of my foibles and mess ups!!

And here are the step by step instructions (includes links to supplies):

1- Print clipart on opaque heat transfer paper using a regular inkjet home printer.  (Make sure to print it the right size!)  And cut it out carefully.  I printed mine a tiny bit smaller than 1.5" and used a circle punch to get it perfectly round.

2- Peel the backing off the paper while your Cricut Easy Press Mini is warming up to the hottest level.  Sometimes peeling can be a pain....especially if you've just cut your fingernails.

3- Get a wooden circle that matches the size of your design.  I used these 1.5" wooden craft circles.  And use some heat resistant tape to make sure the image won't slide under the heat.

4- DON'T FORGET PARCHMENT PAPER!  In the video you can see that I was an idiot and did (video recording makes me stupid).  But I got lucky because it wasn't stuck to the bottom of my press.  Which, honestly, was a giant miracle.  So yeah.  Parchment paper goes over the design.  Every time.  Don't be dumb LIKE ME.

5- Press for approximately 20 seconds.  Putting the press in a couple different spots will make sure everything is heated enough.  Just make sure you don't slide your design while you move your press.  That's no bueno and will come out kind of mangled.

6- Peel the tape off the design while it's still hot.  The wood may sweat a little on your surface.  The heat makes it do that.

7- Paint a wooden snowflake whatever color you desire.  I wanted mine to sparkle a little so I used glitter paint (it took multiple coats to get the look I wanted).  And let it dry.

8- Using a hot glue gun, adhere the circle to the middle of the snowflake.  And then decorate with ribbons, twine, jingle bells, greenery, or whatever you want!  Don't forget to add some twin or ribbon for hanging.


Here are some examples of other snowflake ornaments I made using this same method.  It's really fun to add some customization to the clipart with a name!

custom ornament craft tutorial

And if you're looking for the Farmhouse Christmas clipart I used in the tutorial, well, here you go!

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