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Easy Pumpkin Crochet Hat Pattern

Melissa Bastow

easy crochet pumpkin hat

It's getting pretty chilly outside - what better way to keep your little person's head warm than a fun autumn pumpkin hat perfect for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving?  This hat is great for beginner crocheters and it's stretchiness will make it a good fit for toddlers to big kids!

This is what you'll need:

pumpkin hat supplies

This hat uses mainly Half Double Crochets, or HDCs.  I will also mention SL ST which is slip stitch, CH which is just a regular chain, and a magic circle.  If any of these terms are unfamiliar to you, there are lots of great tutorials on youtube to help you with the stitches (they are really simple to learn).

The hat starts at the top, so using the taupe yarn you'll need to make a magic ring.  Then put 6 HDC into it, SL ST to the first HDC, and pull the ring tight.

CH 1 and put 2 HDC in each stitch around (12 HDC total) and SL ST into the first stitch.

CH 1 and put 1 HDC in each stitch around (12 on each row), SL ST into the first stitch for 3 rows.

CH 1 and put 2 HDC in each stitch around (24 HDC total), SL ST into first stitch.  Then change colors to the pumpkin yarn.

CH 1 and put 3 HDC in each stitch around (72 HDC total) and SL ST into first stitch.

For the HDCs from here on out you'll be putting them only in the top loop - this helps keep the hat stretchier, from getting too thick, and gives it the ridges around each row. 

CH 1, put 1 HDC in the tops of each stitch (72 HDCs total), SL ST into first stitch, for 17 rows.

Put a SL ST into each stitch around the last row - don't make these too tight or you'll ruin the stretch of the hat.  Tie off.

To make the curly vine:

Start with a long yarn tail and CH 21.  Turn and put 2 HDC in each stitch.  Tie it off and leave another long yard tail.  Use the long tails to tie the curly vine to the inside of your hat.

Cut a leaf shape out of green felt.  You can make it any kind of leafy shape you want.  I made mine wide and then pinched the center, and sewed it together to make a little fold.  Using the thread and needle, sew your leaf to your hat next to your curly vine.

And now you're done!  You'll have one happy little pumpkin head staying warm and looking stellar!

easy crochet pumpkin hat for kids

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