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Easy Thanksgiving Banner Using Clipart

Melissa Bastow

easy thanksgiving banner

It's super easy to make a fun Thanksgiving banner using clipart, craft paper, and ribbon.  You don't need any fancy supplies or special skills - as long as you can use a printer and a pair of scissors you're golden.  And since you get to pick the clipart, you can literally make it look exactly how you want!

This is what you'll need:

  • Thanksgiving clipart printed on white cardstock and cut out
  • a few sheets of coordinating craft paper (cardstock works better than thinner paper)
  • ribbon and craft string
  • one hole punch
  • scissors
  • pencil and pen/marker
  • ruler
  • adhesive

You'll need to create a banner flag template so that all the pieces are the same size.  Make sure you create it big enough for the clipart to fit on them well.  My flags are about 3x4".

Trace the template onto the backside of your craft papers.  Make sure you will have enough for your finished banner.  I used 6 clipart images and wanted my banner to say "blessed" so I traced and cut out 13 flags.

Punch a hole in the top corners of each flag.  Then lay the pieces out in the pattern you want them to appear in the finished banner.  Take a couple minutes to play with the layout of patterns and where you'd like the clipart to go.  Once you've made up your mind, adhere the clipart to the appropriate flags and write a letter on each of the others.

Without mixing up the order, tie each flag together using your ribbon and craft string.  You can even use multiple ribbons and string for each juncture depending on how you'd like it to look.

Hang your banner and feel grateful for how little time and money it took to put together!  You can even brag a little and impress your friends and family with easily you accomplished such a cute decoration!  

thanksgiving banner using clipart

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