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Free Alphabet Printable Poster

Melissa Bastow

free alphabet poster to print

We needed an alphabet poster for our little Kindergarten homeschool space.  And why find and buy one when you can just print one out?!  Plus that way I can pick out the fonts and the clipart that goes with it and make it the size I want and I CAN CONTROL ALL THE THINGS.  (I might have a problem.....or not....whatever.)

If you would like to print out an alphabet poster of your own, here's what I used.


1- Right click on both images and select "save image as" and follow the instructions. 

2- Open your newly saved files and print both pages on white cardstock.  You can print them on regular paper if you want, but I would highly recommend cardstock.

3- Cut ONE of the pages on the side that will line up with the other side.  Don't cut both.  Because you need to line those pages up perfectly and leaving the other one will give you something to adhere to on the overlap.  And don't worry about trimming any other sides.

4- Adhere sides together using adhesive of your choice.

5- Once you have your pages aligned and adhered you can cover them in clear contact paper or laminate them.  It depends on how long you will be using these and if they'll be exposed to small dirty fingers, liquid, crayons, jam, urine, or a lot of hands on stuff.  The lamination/clear contact paper will make your poster last a LOT longer and most things wipe off.  (However, if it gets near urine, you can always just print out another one.  Because.....GROSS.)

Feel free to use this poster at home or in your classroom.  I just ask that you don't share the file with anyone or try to sell it as your own.  If your friends or fellow teachers want a poster send them here to get it!

And if you want to create some matching stuff to go with this poster I used this dinosaur clipart and school clipart.

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