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Free and Simple To Do List Printable

Melissa Bastow

We've decided to homeschool this year.  Well, we've decided to be crazy people and split-schedule-school our teenagers this year so they're kind of all over the place.  (And when I say "we", that would be the royal we, because let's face it, I decided to do this to myself.  There's a lot of driving and juggling involved, and I'm horrible at both.)

One week in and I've realized that my teenagers' organizational skills are even worse than I thought.  And while I'm in charge of their overall schedules, I'm making them keep track of some assignments and stuff....for my sanity's sake. 

To help with this, I've come up with this super simple, super straight-forward, no fluff, weekly "to do" list for my son.


free to do list to print at home


There is a spot for the important stuff, and a much smaller section for the non-essential tasks (because he doesn't really need that much space to write in "stare at phone").  Every day also has a section to list all the various classes, projects, papers, tasks, and whatever else is needing done.  There are boxes to number the tasks in order of importance, or to check off when each task is complete.

 The different colors around each section is an organizational hack, so that as he uses it, he's trained his brain to know that thursdays are always purple, and the weekend is always blue.

I printed a bunch of these to make my son a little booklet to last all school year. 



Once I had all the pages printed I attached them together by painting some PH neutral PVA adhesive along the edge.  I did 2 coats, which was probably unnecessary and ended up a little tacky.



Once it dried, I took off the clips and explained to him how it worked.

He is NOT excited to use this to do list.  But he's NOT excited to do anything school related, so I think I could probably hand him a magical organization puppy and he'd still complain. 

I told him I wanted a picture of him filling out his first list, and 47 "bruh"s later, he allowed ONE picture of him touching the list.  Boy, this school year is going to be loads of fun.




If you'd like to make your own weekly "to do" booklet using this printable, here you go!  Just right click on the image below and select print or save from the popup menu.

weekly to do list print for free

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