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Free Kids Christmas Wish List to Print at Home

Melissa Bastow

free printable Christmas wish list for kids

Ho ho hold up, parents and guardians! It's that time of year again when your little angels (or tiny terrors, we don't judge) start dreaming of sugar plums and, more importantly, the mountain of gifts they expect Santa to haul down the chimney. But let's face it, Santa's magical, not psychic. That's where our Free Printable Christmas Wish List for Kids comes in – because even Santa needs a little help sometimes!

Our wish list comes with a subtle hint of "be realistic, kiddo." It's a gentle nudge to remind them that while Santa's sleigh is big, it's not a cargo ship. This list is a great opportunity for a lesson in gratitude and managing expectations – or, at the very least, a lesson in the art of not asking for a real-life unicorn.  Plus it will help them consider others during this time of "Me! Me! Me!"

To get this free printable you just need to right click on the image below and click save or print from the menu that pops up.  Feel free to print as many as you need for your kids, but no file sharing please.

printable Christmas wish list for kids

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