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Fun Back to Primary Bubble Labels

Melissa Bastow

welcome back to primary bubble printable

Our church is getting ready to welcome back the kid classes after over a year of not having any!  We call the kid classes Primary and I get to help in there now, so I made these fun bubble labels and tags (that can hold all the details and information for parents) for us to give to each child to invite them to come back to sing songs and learn about Christ!

I'd like to share all the things that I create for church on the blog so that others can use them too!  So if you'd like to invite some kids to "pop back into Primary" feel free to right click on the image below and select save from the menu that pops up. 

welcome back to primary bubble printable

You can type your Primary's info on the tag and print as many as you need!  I suggest printing on white cardstock or sticker paper - but you can use whatever you'd like or have on hand.

I think our Primary kids really enjoyed getting these least I hope they did.  I know we're all pretty excited to get back to regular church classes and activities!

welcome back to primary bubbles


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