Help End Human Trafficking!

Help End Human Trafficking!

July 30th is the first World Day Against Trafficking in Persons and there are so many ways you can get involved!

Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad is my favorite charity when it comes to human trafficking.  They are very active in my state and the world.  They focus on rescuing children and stopping traffickers.  In the six years they have been around they've saved 3200 children and assisted in arresting more than 2100 traffickers worldwide.

On June 30th they have facilitated multiple ways that people like you and me can become a voice for the exploited children who can't speak for themselves. 

You can sign up to receive training to spot the signs of trafficking.

You can help their cause financially with a one time donation or a monthly contribution.  Any amount of money is accepted and will help rescue and give after care for children who have been trafficked and enslaved.

They make it easy for you to join a Rise Up for Children in-person or live digital event near you on July 30th.  Find an event near you!

And I want to personally thank you for helping this cause in any way that you can!  Whether it's monetary, becoming more informed, or phsyically going to an event I would like to give everyone a free digital clipart image that I drew specifically for the new World Day Against Trafficking of Humans as a special THANK YOU!  The more people who help, the more we can save all the kids!!!

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