How to Make a 3-D Robot Valentine Card

How to Make a 3-D Robot Valentine Card

robot valentine card

This card was super duper easy to make.  And the best part is you can make it with almost ANY of our clipart!

The first thing you'll need to do is pick out, purchase, and download your art.  I used this set:

Then you'll need to digitally create a basic card design.  You can use any photo editing software or something like Silhouette Studio.  You can add text, like "programmed for love" using the fonts you already have.  You can also add a background or combine multiple clipart images - it's totally up to you!

And then you'll need to print your design on white cardstock.  Cardstock makes WAY better cards than plain paper.  Plain paper is too flimsy and cheap looking.  Cardstock will make your card look legit and stuff.  Plus everything will hold it's shape so much better than regular paper.

BEFORE YOU PRINT read this paragraph:  You will need to print the clipart extra times.  Think about what you'd like the 3-D elements to be.  I wanted the small heart eye to stand out, and the larger heart eye to stand out even further.  So I made sure to print the robot (without the card layout) two extra times.  Make sure it's the same exact size as the one on your card layout or the whole 3-D thing won't work.  And depending on the size of your card, you should be able to fit everything on one sheet of cardstock.

Once you've printed, just cut around your card and carefully cut out the parts you want to have as 3-D pieces.  You can cut them straight out of the extra clipart images you printed, and toss the rest of those images.

And here's the super easy 3-D making part.  See these cool sticky foam square thingies?

They are sticky on both sides, so just peel it off the backing and stick a few on your 3-D pieces.  You'll want to use enough that the pieces are supported.  And if you have small pieces, you can cut the foam squares to fit. 

I got my foam square thingies here, but you can probably find them in craft stores too.


Once you have all pieces ready to go, just carefully place your pieces right over top of where they are in the clipart on the card.  You'll want to make sure to cover those spots exactly so it doesn't end up covering something you don't want covered (that's why it's so important to print it all the same size). 

For this robot card I put one small heart over the small eye, then I put two layers of large hearts over the other eye so it stuck out twice as far.


Really it is. I promise!

And if you don't want to use a computer program to put your card together, just print out the clipart and put a card together using any craft paper you have on hand OG style!  Once you get the hang of it, the options are endless!  You can make tons of cards, gift tags, doorknob hangers, scrapbook layouts, planner spreads, etc.  And everyone you share them with will be super impressed and thing you spent FOREVER creating something so fun and cute!  They don't need to know how easy it really was.  

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