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Jumping Elfie Puppet - Free Printable Christmas Craft for Kids

Elf coloring page jumping puppet free printable


Entertain your kids this Christmas break by making some jumping sELFie puppets!  They're pretty easy to make and also fun to play with.

You're going to need:

• The boy and girl elf files that can be found lower in this post

• White cardstock and a printer

• Crayons, colored pencils, or markers

• Scissors

• A thick craft needle

• String

• Metal fasteners



Here are the files you'll need to print.  Just right click on the images below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.


fun elf printable activity

Christmas coloring page elf puppet


Print as many as you need for your kids (just no file sharing or redistribution please).  Printing these on cardstock will work much better than using thinner paper.  In fact, the thicker the paper, the better!

Have your kids color all the elf pieces.



Then have the kids carefully cut out the elf pieces.  Depending on their age, you might need to help them with the arms and legs, because you don't want to have any scissor accidents and lop off an important bit.



Poke holes in all the X's and circles.  



Then attach the arms and legs BEHIND the body with the metal fasteners.  You'll want to spin those bad boys around quite a few times to make sure they move VERY loosely.



With the arms in the down position, make a loose-ish loop of string between both arms.  Repeat for the legs.  Then take a longer piece of string and tie it to the arm and leg loops, with the arms still in the down position (this is important, or your puppet won't work quite right).



Then all you have to do is hold your elf by the head and pull the string, then it will raise it's arms, jump a little, and take an elfie!


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