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Last Minute Thanksgiving Family Activity

Melissa Bastow

Thankful activity for kids

This is a really easy last minute activity you can do with kids and adults to bring in a spirit of thanksgiving and joy.  It doesn't take long to prep or participate in, and when you're done you get a fun wall collage to enjoy!

This is what you'll need:

  • Thanksgiving clipart or banner printed on a full sheet of white cardstock (we have multiple clipart options that will work for this)
  • scissors
  • craft string
  • pencil and pen/marker
  • one hole punch
  • craft paper in fall colors

Cut out your Thanksgiving clipart - this will be what you center all the leaves around when making your collage.

Create a leaf template of any kind.  Trace it on the back side of your craft papers and cut each leaf out.

Punch a hole in the tops of each leaf and attach craft string.  You can change the look by using ribbon, thin burlap, yarn, etc.  

Give your family members, or party guests, a writing utensil and a leaf or two.  They need to write down something they're grateful for and add it to the wall collage.  You can make this as big or as small as you'd like depending on how many people are participating and how much gratitude you want them to display.  This makes a fun break from football and turkey eating to focus on gratitude!


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