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Make 3-D Christmas Tags Using Clipart - A Tutorial

Melissa Bastow

Making custom gift tags isn't something I'd do for EVERY gift.  But for a special few, it's totally worth it!  And it really isn't that hard, it just takes some cute Dorky Doodle clipart and a little bit of time!


Here are the step by step instructions on how I made this tag (including links to products I used):

1- Print some of our super cute Christmas clipart on white cardstock.  Print the same image at the same size 2-3 times (depending on how many layers you want to have).  Also make sure you're printing at the right size - bigger is easier, but also harder to put on tags.

2- Cut out the first image as a whole - this is your base.  You can leave a white border around it if you want (it does make the cutting easier, especially with certain clipart) or you can cut right up to the edge of the color.  You can also use your cutting machine for this if you're like really good at that.  I am not.  I can make the files, but using the actual machine is just....I'm scared of it.  So I use my hands and some scissors.

3- Cut the next image only on the places you want to have layered - this is your middle.  So for the elf I cut out the head including the hat brim, the ball on the end of the hat, arms, and one leg.

4- Cut the next image only on the places you want 3 layers deep - this is your top.  Like the brim and on the elf's hat.

5- Use foam sticky squares to attach the first layer onto the base. (The kind I used isn't available anymore, but these 1/4" foam squares look awesome.)  Use the squares liberally - it's always good to have things attached well.

6- Stick your first layer on the base.

7- Put foam sticky squares on the base for the top layer, and attach on top of the middle layer.

*For the arms, I used foam on the hands but flat mounting squares for the upper arms.  I wanted them to look like they were coming out from her shoulders.*

8- Attach your 3-D creation to a tag or card using more foam sticky squares.  I chose to put these on round circles that I printed using some Dorky Doodle digital Christmas paper.


Make sure to watch to the end of the video so you can see the other tag creations I made using this method!  Tags like this cute gingerbread man one:

cute homemade gingerbread man tag using clipart

And if you're looking for the cute Christmas elf clipart used in the video, here it is!

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