Making Halloween Kitchen Towels with a Heat Press

Making Halloween Kitchen Towels with a Heat Press

Halloween kitchen towel with crow and pumpkin

This afternoon I got together with a few of my friends to heat press designs onto some kitchen towels for Halloween. I'm going to start having regular crafting afternoons and wanted to start with something simple and easy - and this was PERFECT!

Here's is exactly what we did, so you can do it too!

heat press designs

I printed some Halloween images before people came so it would be all ready. And then I made a sample so they could see what we'd be doing. And I put out some flavored hummus and cookies because you can't have craft time without treats - it's illegal in civilized countries.

Everyone picked their favorite design(s) and trimmed around the edges. We were using red grid 2.0 transfer paper, and the white towels just came from Walmart. (However, the towels were very thin an kind of meh, and the transfers came out a little more dull than usual because of it, so I'll be getting better quality ones for future projects.)

We did one towel at a time. First a pre-pressing. And then we centered the design and pressed it at 350 degrees for 17 seconds.

We peeled the backing off while hot and gave it a little stretch.

Then we threw a teflon sheet over it and pressed it again for another 17 seconds.

I noticed with the sample I made that these towels are not forgiving when you don't do a nice even peel on the teflon paper (this was probably mostly due to the low quality towels), so it was a group effort to get some of them peeled evenly. It's totally doable if you're alone, but why not have your friends help you, if there are extra hands RIGHT THERE?

After everyone's towels were done, we talked for a little while, ate more hummus and cookies, and started thinking about what to do for the next craft afternoon!! (Pretty sure we're doing Thanksgiving's going to be fun.)

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