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Money Math Practice - How Much Does Lunch Cost?

Melissa Bastow

This printable math worksheet is a super fun way to practice addition and money skills.  It also makes a great follow up for a restaurant math center activity.  Your students can pretend that they have their own little place that serves junk food for lunch (because it's no fun to serve broccoli and kale at a fake restaurant).  Their task is to add up the bills of the customers who have eaten!  

The addition is fairly simple and is a great way to practice for kids who are just being introduced to money values.  On each receipt there are pictures of the food the customer has purchased with a box off to the side to write the cost.  Once everything has been added together, your students can write the total for each customer at the bottom of the receipt.

Plus, this can double as a coloring page for all those smarty pants kids who finish the worksheet a bit too quickly.

To get this free printable money math worksheet just right click on the image below and select print or save.

And if you'd like to create more worksheets or math center items with the matching clipart, you can get our cute dinner clipart set in black and white or color.

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