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Motivational Monday: Your Goals Don't Care How You Feel

Melissa Bastow


It's easy to make excuses.  Lots of days I don't feel like doing anything more than eating a dozen cookies and then taking a 10 hour nap.  But my goals don't care that I'm tired or sick or hungry or that my left arm just fell off - they just do not care at all.  And if I ever want to reach my goals, I have to drag my butt away from my cookies and my bed and work.  And so you do.  (And don't worry - I still have both of my arms.)

Feel free to share this with your friends and family over social media or on pinterest.  Or print it out and put it right next to your bed, or the fridge, or whatever it is that makes you feel like not wanting to accomplish things (I might need to print out multiple...)

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