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New Summer Coloring and Activities Book!

Melissa Bastow

Summer is fabulous! The days are hot, the treats are cold, and the kids are home.....all day......whining about being bored.  No worries, I have a solution!  My new summer coloring and activity book, Sunny Doodles!

summer coloring book for kids

This book doesn't just have coloring pages, it has SO MUCH MORE.  Like silly summer poems, and word searches, and "finish the doodle" pages, and squirt gun prototype designing (this one at the request of my 8 year old).  Your child can be creative and entertained for hours! 

Plus it's a great way to get them away from screens, and stop all the "I'm so bored!" commentary.  Which is really just a gift to yourself.

fun summer puzzles and coloring

You can order like 27 of these on amazon, or just 1, whatever you want!  Because Sunny Doodles: A Summer Coloring And Activity Bonanza is available now!

summer kids activity book

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