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New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Donuts

Melissa Bastow

If you're looking for a perfectly easy New Years themed dessert (or breakfast) then these Ball Drop Donuts are just right!  Not only are they quick to put together, but they taste yummy.....because, you know, DONUTS.

First gather your ingredients (and by "ingredients" I mean, there is absolutely no baking, you just need to grab these things at the grocery store).  What you'll need:

  • Glazed Donut Holes
  • Mini Muffins
  • Party Sticks
  • Multi-Color Edible Glitter
  • Silver & Gold Crystals



  1. Place donut holes in microwave for 10-15 seconds. (This will melt the glaze just enough to add your glitter/crystals.)
  2. Roll donut holes in a mix of glitter and crystals. When you're finished with all of them, place them in fridge to harden back up.
  3. Sprinkle muffins with glitter and crystals as well.

  1. Take your donut hole and insert through the end of the party stick (about half way up). Then jab that puppy right into the top of a muffin.  Each muffin gets one donut hole, unless you want to get fancy and do more (but be careful of top-heavy-ness)
  2. They’re ready to serve!

They look adorable, right? And sparkly.  And TASTY.  They'll be a big hit at your party, or for a fun breakfast with the kids.  Or both!  Say you make them for a party and then have left overs for the morning....because then literally your first task of 2017 will already be done thus making your whole year great! (Logic, I tell you.)


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