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No-Sew Heart Pillow Craft for Kids

Melissa Bastow

No-Sew Heart Pillow Craft for Kids

These cute little heart pillows are easy for kids to make and are great gifts to their friends and loved ones!  They require no sewing at all, and can be done fairly quickly.  All your child needs to know how to do is cut and tie!

This is what you'll need to make your own heart shaped pillows:

Cut out a heart shaped template from the white paper. Make sure to make it no bigger than 9x9" or it won't fit on your fabric. Use the template to cut out the heart shape from each piece of fleece.  You will need two for each pillow you want to make.

Measure 1 ½" inside the edges of the paper heart template and then cut it that much smaller.  Trace it around the inside of each heart piece.  Make sure the line doesn't show too much, you won't want to see it later.

Starting from an edge cut little strips, about ½" wide, into the fleece hearts making sure to stop the cut at the smaller heart you drew. Go all the way around each of the hearts until they all have equal amounts of fringe.  You can lay two hearts on top of each other and cut the strips at the same time to make them match exactly.  (You need to make sure that you have the same amount of strips cut on each, in the same places on the heart, or they won't go together correctly.)

Make sure you have two coordinating hearts together with the right sides showing.  Take a strip from each side and tie them into a tight knot.  Continue to the next strips, and continue tying the two pieces together.  Stop when you have about a 2" opening left.

Stuff your pillow with the poly-fill stuffing.  Don't make it too full so the pillow can be squishy and soft.  Once you have enough stuffing in, tie the remaining strips together and finish your pillow!  Easy peasy, lots of fun, and such a cute gift!

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