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Potty Training Sticker Chart

superhero potty training sticker chart

We're potty training kid #5 at our house.  And for the record, it never gets easier or less torturous no matter how many times you've done it.  This particular child has no motivation to use a toilet, so we're using this printable super hero sticker chart to earn toys every day.  He sits on the toilet every 20 minutes so, you know, no one else is allowed to have a life because of it.  Each time he sits he gets to put a sticker on the chart.  If he actually puts something in a toilet he also gets a sucker (we're still waiting for that to happen though, so he might be potty training for years).  And I have a box of cheap little toys for him to choose from the second he fills a chart full of stickers.  We're about 2 hours into it now and I'm already considering letting him wear diapers until he's 30, because potty training is seriously the worst!

If you'd like to use our printable super hero potty chart too, you can get it by right clicking on the image below and selecting print or save from the menu that pops up.  Print as many as you need - I think we'll be going through a LOT....if I can manage to keep it up without dying.

potty training sticker chart with super heroes


If you'd like to do more with the images on this printable, you can get our Super Hero Clipart in the shop!

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