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Printable Carrot Craft with Bunny Tag

Melissa Bastow

These printable carrots are perfect for decorating for Easter.  They also make fun gifts when they're filled with candy or treats.  And the pirate bunny tag puts the cuteness level over the top.  Who doesn't love a pirate at Easter?

These are pretty easy to make, here is what you're going to need:

• our cute printable (printed on white cardstock)
• scissors
• craft string or ribbon
• adhesive of choice (I like double sided tape)
• candy/treats

1- Print the printable on white cardstock.  I printed 3 because I was making 3 carrots.

2- Cut out the tags and the carrots.

3- Curve your carrot around itself (so it makes a cone) and adhere along the whole side.  You're going to want to make sure it is nice and secure, because these babies will want to pop open otherwise.

4- Fill the carrot with treats.  I prefer chocolate.  I also added a little bit of plastic Easter grass coming out of the carrot, just for fun.  You could also use tissue paper.  Or just let your pretty treats show.

5- Punch a small hole in the top of your tag, and using craft string or ribbon, tie the tag
around your finished carrot. Putting a piece of tape on the back of the carrot to hold your string or ribbon will make it stay in place. You could also print the tag on sticker paper and just stick it to the front of your carrot.  (Sticker paper is AWESOME.)

That's all it takes!  Like I said, pretty easy!  And they end up looking so cute you're going to want to keep them for yourself....which is totally fine.  Eat some of the treats too.  You deserve it!

Here is the free carrot and pirate bunny tag printable you're going to need.  Just right click on it and select print or save.


And if you'd like to get some matching Easter clipart to go with your pirate bunny, you can snag it in our shop!

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