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Printable Chore List for Kids - Valentine Edition

Melissa Bastow

These printable to do lists are great for kids of all ages (even adult-ish kids)!  They're easy to print, and kids can fill out the "chores", "homework", and "fun" sections by themselves. 

My kids range in age from 13 to 2, and they all have a hard time keeping track of what they need to accomplish during a busy day.  I've found that if I give them a specific list, tailored just to them, they have a much easier time actually staying on track and being productive.  Plus, they aren't always in my face going, "But mom, why can't I play video games?  There's nothing else for me to do!"

The cool thing about these lists is that they're super short.  That way kids won't get overwhelmed by too many tasks.  And by breaking down the categories into "chores" and "homework" they can see that each section is totally doable.  The "fun" section is to show kids that not everything they will be doing that day will be "the boring stuff", and that once they get those tasks out of the way, there will be plenty of time for the activities they'd rather be doing all day!

To print or save this free printable kids to-do list, just right click on the image below.


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