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Printable Easter Purse

Melissa Bastow

This cute printable Easter purse can hold candy, small toys, and gifts.  It has an adorable princess Easter chick on it, and the phrase "cutest chick ever" on the back.  It's super easy to put together and makes the best little gift.

Here is what you're going to need to make this:

• our cute printable (printed on white cardstock)
• scissors
• adhesive of choice (I like double stick tabs)
• something to put inside (candy, toy, fifty dollars)


1. Print the purse on white cardstock.  Make sure to print multiples if you're making more than one.

2. Cut around the edge of the purse (all the solid lines).

3. Fold on all the dotted lines (crease them really well).

4. Adhere the sides to the inside of the purse - make sure it's stuck nice at good.

Now you just need to put your treats inside and you're done!!  You can embellish the purse with tissue paper, ribbons, craft string, etc.  You could even put some socks or a stick of deoderant in there and it would still be a cute gift.

Here is the Easter chick purse printable you'll need.  Just right click on the image and select print or save.

And if you'd like to get the matching Easter Chick Clipart set to make more projects, you can get it in our shop!

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