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Record Summer Memories- Free Printable

Melissa Bastow

Record summer memories

This free printable will help you and your family record all your favorite summer memories!  Each time something fun happens, you or the kids can write it down on a card.  And then at the end of the summer you can gather all the cards and staple them together to make a cute little journal of your summer!

Have your kids record how they remember each event, and then in a few years you can pull the journal back out and enjoy their cute point of view of your lives together.  

To get this free printable summer memories journal just right click on the image below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.  I suggest printing it on white cardstock so that the pages are more durable.  You'll need to print multiple pages so you can record lots of memories.  Cut the cards apart, making sure you keep the white strip on the side to put staples in later.  And keep the cards handy so recording memories is easy and fun!

summer memory journal printables


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