Short U Worksheet

Short U Worksheet

short u printable worksheet

For CVC practice last week in our little kindergarten homeschool we covered the short U sound. 

I've found that repetition is key when it comes this whole "teaching a little person how to read" thing.  Who knew?  (Like every teacher ever?!)  So we watch a lot of videos, do a lot of writing practice, and play a lot of games.  Plus we read.  And read.  And read.  And then when he's finally like, "Can I just do science already?!!"  I figure we've done enough repetitious practice.

If you'd like to practice with your kid (or class) here's a free worksheet I did for the short U sound that you can right click on and save to your computer.

short u writing practice free worksheet

You can print as many as you need to use for homeschool, or regular school.  But please do not share the file.  Send your friends, coworkers, and followers here to get their own copy and then tell them to buy lots of clipart and planner stickers while they're here!

Speaking of which, this is a super fun and adorable bugs and flowers clipart set that has your name on you should buy it......right now.

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