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Silly Rhyming Kids Books That Are Fun to Read!

silly rhyming childrens books that are fun to read

I wrote and illustrated TWO books!  They're about food - because food is life!  

They're also silly, and rhyming, and fun, and they don't take very long to read.  So if you have one of those kids that's always like "Read it again!!!"  You can do that and it won't take very long at all!

My first book "Potato Potato Potato" was one of those middle of the night inspirations.  I couldn't sleep.  It was 2:00 AM.  I started thinking about potatoes.  All the thoughts rhymed.  And viola, A BOOK WAS BORN!!!

silly kids book that is fun to read

My most recently published book "I Like to Eat Fruit" had some middle of the night tweaking.  But mostly it was a daylight hours sort of affair.  When I was hungry.  Mostly for coconut and coconut flavored food and coconut flavored drinks.  And yes, I know that TECHNICALLY coconut isn't really a fruit and more of a fruity tree nut, but come on, we all know it belongs with the fruit!  Because it is the very best of all the fruity flavored everything.  

fun to read kids books that rhyme

If you get a chance to read my books for free on Kindle Unlimited, or buy one of the softcover versions to keep in your library then THANK YOU!  And if you'd like to leave me a happy little review on Amazon about it SUPER THANK YOU!!

I really hope everyone enjoys reading these books just as much as I did creating them!

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