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St Patrick's Day Printable Treat Box

Melissa Bastow

This St Patrick's printable is super cute and easy to throw together.  You can quickly make multiple for a school party, or make it part of a green dinner with your family.  It can hold pretty much anything....except liquid.  Don't put liquid into a paper box, that's just dumb.

Here's what you're going to need:

• the printable at the end of this post

• white cardstock

• color printer

• scissors

• adhesive of choice (I prefer double stick tabs - they work great!)


1- Print the St Patrick's Day Piggy Treat Box printable on the white cardstock.

2- Cut around the edge of the box.

3- Fold on all the lines.  And make sure to crease them really well.  You can even score them before you fold if you want it to be super clean and crisp.

4- Adhere along the entire flap and attach it to the other side.

5- Fold in the bottom - it fits together kind of like a puzzle, but like a kids puzzle, it's not too complicated.

And then all you have to do is fill it with treats!!  Something green or gold would be awesome.  I used golden Oreos, but mostly because we already ate all the golden wrapped Rolos.

Here is the St Patrick's Day Piggy Printable Treat Box you're going to need.  Just right click on the image below and select print or save:


And if you'd like to snag the matching St Patrick's Farm Animals clipart, you can get it in our shop!

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