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Thanksgiving Pinhole Art Template

Melissa Bastow

Thanksgiving class party activity

This free pumpkin printable works as a template to make pinhole art with a pushpin.  It would be great fun for class parties at school or an activity for the kids to do at home!  It's so much fun to make these that I actually enjoy doing them too, so print one for yourself as well!  

To use this printable just right click on the image below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.  You'll want to print these on regular paper and then carefully tape the edges to a piece of colored cardstock or construction paper.  Using a pushpin, poke a hole in each of the dots of the design.  Make sure you are doing this on carpet or with a piece of cardboard behind the papers so that you don't ruin anything with a bunch of little holes.  When you're done poking holes in each dot, separate the papers and flip the colored paper over to reveal your finished work of art!

Hanging these in a window is great because it lets the light go through all the little holes.

pumpkin pinhole art template

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