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The Easiest Christmas Tags that Will Impress Your Friends and Family - A Tutorial

Melissa Bastow

Want to make your friends and family think you spent forever making them a custom gift tag?  Even though you really don't want to spend forever making anything for them?  Boy do I have a tutorial for you!!


Here's what I did, step by step:

1- Throw a bunch of cute Dorky Doodle Christmas clipart on a page (size them according to the tags they'll be going on - mine are around 2x3").

2- Print the page on white cardstock.

3- Cut around images.  No need to get too detailed, no one is going to care about the white border around the image.

4- Cut some tags out of holiday cardstock.  Or use some premade tags.  Totally up to you!  Just make it easy!  I used some Dorky Doodle Christmas digital paper for my tags.  Just, you know, make sure the tags fit the clipart well.  Mine are 2.5x3.25".  They're kind of big, but I like to make big things so they work!

5-  Create some kind of back tag - I threw mine together super fast with a simple "Merry Christmas" and our family name.  You could even handwrite yours.  Once again, whatever is easy!

6- Cut out some middle tags that are a little bit larger than your front and back tag pieces. 

7- Time to assemble!  Attach the clipart to the front tag piece using foam sticky squares.  Then attach the front and tag pieces to the middle piece also using those foam sticky squares (it's the 3-D ish layering that makes these look impressive).

8- Punch a hole through the top of the tag, which is slightly tricky because of the layers, but for them to line up perfectly you kind of just need to do this after they're assembled, you know?  And it works.  Just wiggle it into a hole punch.

And that's it!  Attach them to gifts using string or twin or ribbon.  Our will be going out with neighbor treats this year!

Easy 3-D tag tutorial to impress your friends and family

I made several tags (which you see at the end of the video) but if you're looking for this super cute reindeer clipart, well, here you go!

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